It is a logical, declarative programming language developed for natural language processing. How good it is at that job can be understood by the fact that IBM Watson uses Prolog in parsing natural language in fielding human-generated questions. Haskell is a purely functional, modern AI programming language with far reaching advantages in Artificial intelligence programming. It has advanced features such as type classes that enable type-safe operator overloading. Other features include lambda expressions, type classes, pattern matching, type polymorphism, and list comprehension. All these features make Haskell ideal for research, teaching and industrial applications.

R is a popular language for AI among both aspiring and experienced statisticians. Though R isn’t the best programming language for AI, it is great for complex calculations. Lisp (historically stylized as LISP) is one of the most widely used programming languages for AI. Did you know that C++ holds the title for the ‘Fastest programming language? Developed way back in 1983, C++ hold`s special importance in AI programming.


A good example is TensorFlow.js, which runs directly within the browser and opens up many possibilities for web developers. Building your knowledge of browser-based AI applications can help you build next-generation AI-focused browser tools. According to GitHub’s rankings, JavaScript is the most popular programming language in the world. That shouldn’t come as a surprise since it’s a significant contributor to the modern web, responsible for powering much of the interactivity found in the websites we use every day.

What are five programming language most commonly used for AI?

  1. Julia. Designed exclusively for producing numerical analysis and computational science software Julia continues to gain popularity thanks to its agility, convenient syntax and great computational power.
  2. Java.
  3. C++
  4. R.
  5. Python.

Instead of following a series of coded instructions, software that uses it adheres to a fundamental set of facts, rules, goals, and questions. However, because of its numerous best programming language for artificial intelligence shortcomings, LISP language use is declining. The fact that the language is still utilized for logical solutions and is well-known for achieving miracles adds it to the list.

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Basic programming skills are enough to help you access R for data analytics or data mining, for example. C++ is a low-level programming language that has been around for a long time. C++ works well with hardware and machines but not with modern conceptual software.

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Julia gives you the necessary capabilities for flawless execution if you need to create a dynamic interface, eye-catching graphics, or data visualizations. This language develops AI simply because of its debugging, memory management, and metaprogramming features. Data science, a field that heavily relies on AI, frequently uses the computer language R. Data science is the discipline of processing and analyzing data with the aid of AI, utilizing statistics and math, in order to identify trends.

Other Programming Languages for Artificial Intelligence

Lisp’s syntax is unusual compared to modern computer languages, making it harder to interpret. Relevant libraries are also limited, not to mention programmers to advise you. Its AI capabilities mainly involve interactivity that works smoothly with other source codes, like CSS and HTML. It can manage front and backend functions, from buttons and multimedia to data storage.

best programming language for artificial intelligence

However, the lack of support might delay the AI development process. Scala makes the coding process fast, easy, and much more productive. The index Scaladex that has the Scala libraries and resources helps developers create some quality applications. Because it has helped many scales up their business and drive better results, more companies are looking to integrate AI into their operations. In essence, AI has been implemented by many companies using different programming languages.


Moreover, it is also considered to be one of the most flexible ML languages because of its ability to adapt to the solution someone is coding for. To this day, this sets LISP apart from other ML programming languages. Think of LISP as the forerunner to the likes of Python, Java, and Julia. Created by budding electronics engineer John McCarthy in 1958, it is the second-oldest programming language that remains in use as a functional language today. Its name is simply an abbreviation of the term ‘list processing.’ Symbolic expressions were invented especially for LISP. Industry experts believe that JS has several critical advantages over Python and R.

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Artificial Intelligence has far-reaching applications in numerous areas such as customer service, marketing, ecommerce, education, travel, and even hospitality. Today, 51% of ecommerce companies use AI to provide their customers a high quality user experience. Used for automated planning, theorem proving, expert and type systems, Prolog still has limited usage. However, it is used to build some high-end NLP applications and by giants like IBM Watson. Just like Java, JavaScript is also an ideal match for AI development.

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Even when it comes to natural language processing which is so integral to user experience today, Python has an edge thanks to tools like SpaCy and NTLK. Visit our website now, get to know our work methodologies and make the right technological decision to overcome the challenges of business digitalization. With Haskell, code reusability comes in handy for the developers along with other features like type system and memory management. Having said that, businesses and individuals incline more towards AI development these days. With benefits like enhanced customer experience, smart decision making, automation, minimum errors, and data analytics, AI development seems to be a perfect choice. Started in 2003 in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam, our Development Company operates on a Global Scale in Asia, Europe, and America.

Is Java used in AI?

Java is being used in many AI applications, from self-driving cars to robotic assistants. It is also being used to power big data applications, such as facial recognition systems. Java is also being used to create intelligent chatbots which can interact with users naturally.

You can use frameworks like TensorFlow and Caffe are written in C++ to build AI projects. Python is a syntax-easy, general-purpose, interpretive, and object-oriented programming language. With Python, you can build both AI applications and projects such as website and game development. The AI capabilities of JavaScript help it interact and work smoothly with other source codes like HTML and CSS. Like Java, JavaScript also has a large community of developers that support the development process.

Python Programming Language

C++ has also been found useful in widespread domains such as computer graphics, image processing, and scientific computing. Similarly, C# has been used to develop 3D and 2D games, as well as industrial applications. Here are the most popular languages used in AI development, along with their key features. Python is very adaptable and can be used for many machine learning and AI-focused applications — you can find a repository of practical AI-focused projects on GitHub.

  • The nicest feature is how well Python integrates with other languages, like Java, for increased convenience.
  • Regarding artificial intelligence, Java is one of the best programming languages available due to its advantages and simple code.
  • Undoubtedly, AI has improved the quality of our lives by instigating positive transformations in numerous sectors affecting humankind.
  • Created by budding electronics engineer John McCarthy in 1958, it is the second-oldest programming language that remains in use as a functional language today.
  • R is used not only by statisticians but also by economists, geneticists, agronomists, biologists, and the business world.
  • This language develops AI simply because of its debugging, memory management, and metaprogramming features.

The best programming languages for artificial intelligence projects are those that were covered above. It just comes down to selecting a project that best meets your needs. With a basic grasp of the project, you may quickly select the best language and increase your company’s efficiency. The most popular usage of Python, an all-purpose, object-oriented, high-level programming language, is for scripting small to very large projects. Python has several applications in numerous industries on its own. Many engineers pick Python as their favorite language due of its straightforward syntax and use of English-language terms.


But although Python seems friendly, it’s well-equipped to handle large and complex projects. Developers cherish Python for its simple syntax and object-oriented approach to code maintainability. In a business capacity, artificial intelligence has a number of benefits. Aside from the 2001 science fiction film with Haley Joel Osment, artificial intelligence is a complex and profound subject area. Today, AI is used in a variety of ways, from powering virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa to more complex applications like self-driving cars and predictive analytics. For most of its history, AI research has been divided into subfields that often fail to communicate with each other.

best programming language for artificial intelligence

You’ll learn how to utilize the graphical user interface (GUI) to construct new applications and how to design programs with large amounts of data. You can learn Java from the renowned Coursera website, which offers thousands of courses, you can choose some according to your level. If you need recommendation then this The Complete Java Masterclass course from Udemy is a nice one to start with. This course will teach you all you need to know about the Java programming language. It includes a machine learning framework that shortens its time to go from research prototype to production deployment.

best programming language for artificial intelligence

It’s one of the most frequently used programming languages, with applications in AI, machine learning, data science, web apps, desktop apps, networking apps, and scientific computing. A number of AI applications involve big data and crunching of big numbers. Did you know that a special language was developed just for the purpose of statistical computing?

best programming language for artificial intelligence

It is a wonderful option for creating machine learning algorithms since it can store and access data efficiently. The extensive range of support provided by AI libraries is one of the main benefits of Python for AI over other programming languages. Libraries are collections of tools that facilitate the application of specific ideas. The general-purpose Python languages can gain specialized AI features from these modules. Let’s examine the most widely used Python AI libraries in more detail. Wolfram is a programming language
and environment for technical computing, data science, and machine learning.

  • This is a fantastic course for learning C++, and it’s available for free on Udemy.
  • The packaging system allows researchers to organize data, code and files in a systematic way for sharing and archiving.
  • Moreover, it is also considered to be one of the most flexible ML languages because of its ability to adapt to the solution someone is coding for.
  • Corporations like Apple and Disney, and organizations like NASA are using Julia to program some of their machine learning applications.
  • Rust is the ideal language for developing AI and using it in scientific computing because of its memory safety, speed, and ease of expression.
  • They comprise time-series analysis, grouping, visualization, and linear and nonlinear modeling.

Julia is another high-end product that just hasn’t achieved the status or community support it deserves. This programming language is useful for general tasks but works best with numbers and data analysis. Thanks to Scala’s powerful features, like high-performing functions, flexible interfaces, pattern matching, and browser tools, its efforts to impress programmers are paying off.

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  • While programming AI, fast runtimes and quicker execution are essential.
  • Students, teachers, researchers,
    and commercial developers worldwide develop applications that range from
    technical and scientific to financial analysis, music generation, and art
  • SHARK supports linear regression and other supervised learning algorithms.
  • Prolog introduces you to a separate world of its own, completely designed by logic.
  • Data science, a field that heavily relies on AI, frequently uses the computer language R.

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